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6 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - At the Hagwon (4) - Talent Market

Last Friday at the Hagwon was "Talent Market Day". This is when the students redeem their good performance stickers for fake dollars to buy things at the "market". We hold it once every two months and the students love it. There are no regular classes that day, so I love it too. It was a good chance to snap some pics.

Samson, an overweight, annoying yet somehow cute boy shows off his purchases. Gloria is to the right, obviously thinking "what a dork!"

One of the classrooms. Thought I'd throw it in case you were wondering what they look like. The letters on the right spell out "EVERYDAY NEW FESTIVAL EASTER" whatever that means.

A cute shot of three girls. There's happy little Fiona on the left. The girl on the right, Bonnie, is a new student. She's totally adorable. I forgot who that is in the middle...oops.

Some more girls who demanded I take their picture. They're kind of cute too but a little annoying in class.

Here's Gloria again with her toy and handful of loot. Pretty darn cute, I must confess.

Check this out, lucky kids. For 9 talent dollars they can get a cool Matchbox Car. Maybe I'll steal one when nobody is looking...muhahah!

This is Julie, my biggest fan. She follows me around constantly, jumps on me, punches me, grabs my ddonk-bae(pot belly), and otherwise annoys me to no end.

Here's a cute kid. His name is Peter. All the Korean teachers love him. He's quite a comedian in the classroom. Personally I'd like to throw him out the window, but that's me. Check out his cool Digiman shirt.

More goods for sale at the Talent Market. Hey when is the Talent Market for Teachers Day? I'm jealous. I'm not sure if I would earn that much talent though...


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