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7 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - In the News (2)

While Anti-Americanism has swept the country over the past year, in other news taken from today's Korea Herald:

50% of students prefer U.S. citizenship

Nearly half of local college students would opt to become U.S. citizens if they held dual citizenship and were required to make the choice, a university newspaper said yesterday.

The survey of 244 students conducted by the Korea University News showed 44.8 percent favored U.S. citizenship while 55.2 percent said they would retain South Korean nationality.

The survey result contradicts the common belief that many members of the younger generation, especially college students, abhor the United States, as indicated by a series of anti-U.S. demonstrations led by radical college students.


While the results of the survey are still surprising, there are definitely some unanswered questions here. Were there any other countries to choose from in the survey such as Canada or Australia? Also, what percentage of those who would choose U.S. citizenship are males? If given the choice to avoid 26 months or more in the military, I would also choose to leave. Also, how many of the students have actually visited America before or have relatives there? And finally, a survey of only 244 students is hardly a conclusive study.


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