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11 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - My New Phone

I finally got myself a new Samsung handphone. Hand phones in Korea are much cooler than hand phones in America. I guess this is an international phone, so I can use it back in the states, but not exactly sure if I can simply use it, or if I have to register it there. It also has English menus built in, a nice plus, except anything you want to download from the internet for it is listed in Korean. I want some new animations and melodies! Wahhh!

Another angle. Check out this large, crisp, clear LCD display. This model is one of the most popular. It cost me 350,000 Won, or about $275. There's one with a digital camera built in that costs around 500,000 Won, but I have no use for that anyway. This one is still a little expensive, but now I'm so cool. I'm sure to have a new date every week.


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