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10 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - At the Hagwon (1)

I guess some people might be interested in what's going on in my school now and again. (You may want to visit the Geoje-do links to see what it's like facing the students in Korea for the first time.) I have to admit my current job is by far the best place I have worked in Korea. I teach the teachers, all four of them, for an hour from 11-12. It's become my favorite class as they are all girls and they each have a good personality and sense of humor. It doesn't feel like work, in other words. Then we all eat lunch together. One of the teachers, on a daily basis, kindly brings me rice and her mother's homeade Korean side dishes that are wonderfully delicious. After lunch I study Korean for 30 minutes with another teacher. Then I go home to watch the news and Judge Judy on AFN, the American Forces Network, after which I read the Korea Herald or a book, perhaps listen to music or clean if I'm bored enough. I go come back around 2:30 and teach 3 or 4 forty minute elementary school classes. Each class has between 2-9 students. The classrooms are clean and organized (I'll get some pics next time) Since I only teach each class one time per week, I'm encouraged to play games, teach a little from their books or whatever I want. Any breaks that I have, I am allowed to leave or sit here and use the internet until my heart's content. Incredibly, in addition to having a brand new one room apartment, (click here, there are 2 posts on this archive page about my apartment) I receive full time pay, paid weekly.

Glancing through one of the kid's Korean made English story books, I noticed this stunning example of Korean English. I love the hilarious stories and drawings in the Korean English story books.

Two cute girls. They are in the same class together and are the only students in that class. What should I teach them?

I know, I'll use this same puzzle I've been using all week in every other class. It will take them at least 20 minutes.

Now let's write and draw. While you're busy making spelling mistakes and coloring, I'll be busy studying Korean or reading some articles I photo-copied earlier. By the way, in case you wondered, my favoile anmol is deer.

At last another long day is over. Phew, earning money is not easy. Well, I'm off to the health club. Have a nice day.


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