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9 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Another Smurfy Day in Korea

Well, I got bored with my empty, undecorated apartment, so I got out some of the smurfs and set them up:

Here comes the dark, black robed Gargamel sneaking up on a happy, unsuspecting, sleeping smurf. The symbolism is too real!

It's an ordinary day in smurf village, Korea. I wish my town looked like this...

A close-up shot of the smurf windmill. There's Clockwork Smurf, Yohan and Peewit. Handy's come by to make a repair.

Gargamel's castle. There's Gargamel in the window, looking angry as usual. The smurf's must have gotten away. Scruple and Azrael are outside looking for them.

As you can see, life is pretty exciting for me at the moment. Wanna come over and play?


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