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8 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - The Health Club

I joined a health club last month and finally got around to taking a pic. (Sure, it may seem easy enough to snap some pictures before a work out, but then everybody will stare at you even more than usual and wonder why the crazy foreigner is taking pictures of the place.) It's a pretty big club with a lot of new machines. However, the loud Korean techno music is enough to drive me crazy. Am I here to dance? Also, they don't believe in air conditioning health clubs in Korea for some reason and it's gets pretty hot up here on the fifth floor. The upside is you can pay month to month (54,000 Won here, or about $42) and get free training if you want.

Well here it is, the country town health club. Not too bad. They have most of the usual machines and free-weights as found in the states. I snapped this picture late on a Saturday when the place was almost empty. It gets very busy here during the week. Most of the people are older and out of shape, which of course, makes me feel better about being older and out of shape. Actually, I'm not too far out of shape (180cm/78kg - 6'0/175lbs) but I didn't work out for the past six months after breaking my arm back home in the states. Now I have a gut and am back to feeling like I'm going to die after every workout...ugh!

Forget the gym, check out the view from the window. Ahh, the perfect place for some new high rise apartments, a convenience store and a PC bang!

Another angle from the window showing a plant farm and a greenhouse. "Hey greenhouse ajushi! Don't you realize you're about to be added to Korea Life Blog? Smile and say kimchi!"


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