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7 July 2003
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Korea Life Blog - The DVD Bang

A popular and somewhat dubious activity amongst young people is going to DVD Bangs. They're everywhere. You pick out a DVD and get a private little room with a big screen and a loveseat for you and your date. In concept, DVD bangs are a romantic place to cuddle with your special someone and watch a good movie - she: crying at a touching scene, he: holding her tightly in a tender embrace, wiping away her tears with a tissue conveniently located on the shelf to the right. The reality, of course, is that they're a cheap, convenient place to do what's what. DVD bangs are usually packed, especially on the weekends. The most popular rental is of course...Titanic. Not because it's a particularly good movie, but rather because it's one of the longest movies in the place. A lot of time to make each other happy, if you have the endurance.

Inside the DVD bang (photo of date excluded by request). I wonder how many "special" times have taken place on this loveseat. At least it's leather and easily cleaned. It's also very comfortable. Ooh! Ahh!

The big screen. A student's father passes the teacher, Kim Bong-Doo, a bribe to "take care of" his son. What happens during the rest of the movie is anybody's guess...


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