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3 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Coffin Car

While SUVs are becoming increasingly prevalent in Korea, accounting for over 25% of all vehicle sales, small compact cars still remain popular, especially amongst young people. They're cheap and good on gas, which is important considering the cost of gasoline is triple that of the US. The downside is they get a little too compact, if you ask me, which is especially unnerving considering the increase in larger vehicles on the road.

Here is the ever popular Hyundai Atoz vehicle. When I lived in Ulsan, I knew at least four people who owned this model, including one of my girlfriends at the time. She was an awful driver, no surprise, and we agreed I should be the driver. I drove it around the city and even a few times to Pusan, about 30 miles down the highways. While it was a nice change from public busses, I feared for my life at every moment in this thing. It's like driving your own coffin around. If you were to crash, chances of surving without serious injury would be pretty remote. Why can't I find a girlfriend who has a Hyundai Equus? (If you're a Korean girl who owns an Equus and would like to meet me, or if you're a Korean girl who doesn't own an Equus but have some other good qualities such as your dad owns an Equus, or if you're just plain beautiful, or if you're not that beautiful anyway please feel free to e-mail me as soon as possible...)


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