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5 July 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Fast Food Craving

Every once in a while (probably more for others) I get into a food funk. One of those days when the mere thought of eating more kimchi and rice makes my stomach depressed, suicidal even. When I walk up and down the main road here no less than 5 times trying to decide what to eat, peering helplessly into windows, shooing off ajumas anxious for business. Nothing sounded good. I contemplated mandu, but I had already eaten it at least 12 times this week. I could cook at home, I thought hopefully. Then I remember all I had was ramyon, eggs, and alas, frozen mandu. Then it hit me - that insane desire to eat fast food. Almost at once my stomach cheered up, growling excitedly as my mouth drooled like Pavlov's dog.

Thirty minutes on a bus and I'm here at last: Suwon Station. My stomach knows there's a Burger King in there. It growls wildly.

Alas, the familiar site of the Whopper Value Meal. Within 5 minutes I will devour 1600 hundred calories, but my stomach will love me again.


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