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2 July 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Chicken and Hoff

I thought Americans like fried chicken, but Koreans really love it. There's a KFC and Popeye's everywhere you go here. One of my favorite things to do is hang out in the chicken and hoff restaurants drinking draft beer, and eating delicious fried chicken. I love these places and they're virtually everywhere. There are franchises such as BBQ Chicken and Pelican Chicken, Donkey Fried Chicken, Mickey (Mouse) Fried Chicken, Bunny Fried Chicken, etc -(where they come up with these name's I don't know)...Even here in this tiny town outside of Suwon, there are three privately owned ones. I have no idea why this style of restuarant isn't more popular in America. What better idea than drinking beer and eating wonderfully greasy fried chicken with your date?

After a few glasses of ice cold brew and some interesting conversation, the chicken is served at last, piping hot, fresh from the frier. Dip the pieces in the delicious sauces and enjoy!

Ooops, all gone. Already I feel guilty. Good thing I joined a gym this week. I'm going to have to run all day to work that meal off. At least I quit smoking over a year ago. My friend should do the same...(and so should this guy next to me at the PC bang who has smoked at least 7 cigarettes this hour as he plays Starcraft at full volume, oblivious to the fact that the smoke is blowing directly into my face tempting me to poor the overflowing ashtray on his head...)


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