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17 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - The Guesthouse Korea in Hongdae

I was going to update my site with pictures of my new apartment, when I found these pics I took one day at the Guesthouse Korea in Hongdae. I stayed there for about a month while I was looking for work. It's not a bad place to stay if you need a place to crash cheaply. It's also a good place to meet other travelers. If you sleep in the dormitory rooms, it's only 15,000 or about $12 per night. They also have double and single rooms, fairly priced. The only problem is the other guests, specifically one in particular, don't always live by the rules and clean up after themselves. Let's take a look at the situation:

This stunning photo of Mark's feet reveals the dirt caked on by walking around the guest house barefooted. Why are the floors so dirty? Hey take off your shoes.

Another shocking photo - this time of a sink full of dirty dishes. Hey who left this awful mess here?

Look at this table! If you don't put the bread away, it will get stale...

I want to cook some eggs for breakfast, but look at the frying pan and stove! Disgusting! Can't anybody clean-up after themselves?

Here is Su Chang, the "hard-working" Night Manager, having a break and reading a comic book. Su Chang! Clean up that mess!