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12 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - My New Job

I rejected some decent offers to teach adults and decided to work at a Hagwon outside of Seoul in the country side. Why? Because I've gone stark raving mad? Well, almost. It's because the Hagwon job is easier. Plain and simple. Throw the prestige, respect and admiration that comes with a professional job out the window! Why work 8:00-5:30 Monday through Friday when I can work 2:30-6:30 for the same pay? Why rack my brains to teach complex grammar to bored company students when I can goof off and act like a clown all day? Why climb the mountain of never ending professional BS when I can casually walk around it while whistling dixie? More importantly, why go on babbling when I can stop now?

The job is a breeze: 19 hours a week, paid cash weekly, play games and teach whatever I want - albeit I'm in the middle of nowhere. I have a brand new apartment - albeit without any furniture yet. I have to sleep on thick blankets for a few days. The gas isn't on yet, the water is cold. It's a one room, studio. It's small, but I'm the first tenant to live in it. It's a lot better than living in some crappy old slum in Seoul or having to put up with a roommate. And once I get the furnishings, once the gas is turned on and I don't have to turn into ice when I bathe, it'll be much better - maybe next week anyway. I'll snap some pictures soon and post them.