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18 June 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - My New Apartment

Here at last are a few pics of my new studio apartment. It's very clean and I'm the first tenant, but the construction is a little shabby. There's a few chunks of glue on the floor, the sliding doors to the kitchen have smears and smudges that won't come off, light switch casings are crooked, etc etc...typical of Korea, slap it together and let the tenants move in without cleaning it up or without the gas even being hooked up. I shouldn't complain though - compared to my last apartment in Korea this place is wonderful.

The new pad! Yes, it's small, but cozy and clean, and it's all mine! Note my manly pink blankets with post-modern flowery design - thanks boss! Also note the absence of a window in the main part of the apartment. The only window is in the kitchen, and overlooks the buildings next door. Meanwhile, outside the wall to the left in this photo is a nice hill, some trees and a rice field. No sense of putting a window on that side, of course.

The kitchen is well, very small. There's barely room to walk, especially if you close the sliding doors. At least the doors keep the cooking smell out of the apartment. The stove is brand new though. But when will the gas be turned on?

My wonderful bathroom. The shower is connected to the faucet. The pressure is good, but there's no gas yet, which means no hot water. The water is ice cold for now.

My Samsung washer machine. This little thing works great and is pretty quiet. It's in the kitchen next to the mini-fridge and sink.

Another shot of the apartment. What's on TV today? Ah yes, another exciting Korean drama. There's my clothes, still hanging wet after 3 days. Will this rain and humidity ever cease? Won't be much longer until the mosquitos take control.