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18 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - Dwaeji Galbi

After work I wandered around my country town, hungry, not the faintest idea what to have for dinner. I walked up and down the short main street several times. There's not a big selection and nothing seemed to call out to me. I must have looked like a real nut, the country town foreigner walking up and down the road over and over and carrying his camera. It's particularly difficult in a small town when you're going to eat by yourself. Everyone stares at you when you walk in somewhere, and the restaurant owners and ajumas are very aggressive trying to help you. It's a little intimidating. Tonight I walked by this restaurant 3 times when finally the ajushi came out and ushered me inside. The place had just a few customers, so I decided to have Dwaeji Galbi, Korean style pork sauteed and barbecued.

Here it is, Dwaeji Galbi, one of my many favorite Korean foods. Look all those side dishes only for me. Actually, being alone may be why the portions were so small. I had to ask for more kimchi twice! Also, they didn't provide me any free service dwen jang chigae (bean paste tofu soup) that they usually do at
at other restaurants. And where's that other kind of delicious dipping sauce they usually give you? No wonder the place was empty.

Another shot of the grill: meat, mushrooms, garlic, kimchi all sizzling, the mouth-watering aroma, the drool pouring down my chin. I can hardly wait to dig in, to roll up the pieces in a huge lettuce leaf, to add some sauce, to chomp! chomp! chomp!