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26 June 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Wet Again

When I first moved into my apartment I thought what a good idea it is to have the shower connected to the faucet. That soon changed. The problem is I keep forgetting to switch the shower back to the faucet. Several times I've gone to wash my hands only to end up soaked from the shower blasting me with ice cold water.

Here it is - the shower connection to the faucet. An efficient method. Brush your teeth, then turn the knob to the left and take a shower. Make sure you don't forget to turn it back to the right after your done...that is unless you want a sudden surprise the next time you wash your hands.

A stunning photo of the shower head. Notice it's natural direction is towards the sink. Just finished some kimchi chigae, time to brush my teeth - ho hum, ho hum....ahshiiiii!!!!! WET AGAIN! (Occasionally in the night, as I fall asleep, I hear a quiet snickering coming from the bathroom.)


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