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25 June 2003
South Korean Flag

The Seoul Blog - Korea Life Blog Update

I finally added permalinks to the homepage (only) so that each post has it's own address from now on and makes things easier to find from search engines. You can use these links to link to a specific post on my site, either on your site, or sending the link in an e-mail to all your closest friends over 13. For example, this link here will take you directly to the post about drunk guys: click here to see the drunk korean guys again -- The links are next to my name under each post.

I organized the links section on all pages.

I lowered the quality of the pictures on the Seoul pages so they will load much more quickly now.

I added an archives page. From now on all posts will automatically end up archived under that link. This will save me a lot of extra work as it was becoming a real pain making a new page and moving posts every time the page got too long. Also, the "shout out" comments will not be lost anymore. Three cheers for Korea Life Blog.

Thanks James Lee for the suggestions.


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