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17 August 2005

Site Access Problems

Korea Life Blog

It seems some people in Korea can in fact see Korea Life Blog. Some still can't. Some can see China Life Blog and not Korea Life Blog. Some can see both and some can't see either. Some people have passed out from the confusion. At least you have the proxy sites to try, listed in the previous post, but you have to deal with the advertisements and/or popup ads.

I guess I should make a post from time to time on this site since it seems people are checking here quite often. I check the referral log and KLB still gets over 1500 hits a day, though I'm not sure why. The only thing I can think is that people have the site bookamarked and they just come here then click on the China Life Blog link. Other than that, there's always a lot of people interested in teaching in Korea, so the archives eith all the photos and commentary may be interesting to those people. I'll keep everything online, of course, since Blogger is free anyway, and if I want to talk specifically about Korea, I'll do so here.

How is Korea these days, anyway? I find myself missing a few things, specifically the food. The other biggie is the public transportation system, especially the subway and T-Money cards.


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