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8 June 2005
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Day Date Page Loads Unique Visitors

Tuesday 7th June 2005 1,888 1211
Monday 6th June 2005 1,647 1080
Sunday 5th June 2005 2,090 1402
Saturday 4th June 2005 2,827 1998
Friday 3rd June 2005 2,089 1518
Thursday 2nd June 2005 1,654 1123
Wednesday 1st June 2005 1,624 1118

I'm not exactly sure why, but since Julie and I broke up the stats on my site have practically doubled. And, as to be expected, with the influx of readers comes the inevtible one or two internet stalkers (and John-haters) that love to leave all sorts of thoughtful comments under the guise of made-up IDs, for no other reason than to stir up trouble. I hate to do it, but my family and who knows who else reads this site, hence, for the time being, I'm going to moderate the comments section. So if you leave one and it doesn't immediately show up, you know why. I will approve any comment that isn't purposely abusive.

In other news: I will be leaving the country on Saturday for 3-4 weeks. Since I am just about out of copies of my book, and probably won't be getting more anytime soon - if at all - I've made both books available in PDF format through Lulu.com: (Click here for more info.) You can also order the paperback copies there, just not from me directly anymore, though What the Book? in Itaewon still had a few of the last IOF copies left, last time I checked.


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