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3 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Finally

I finally got to Itaewon and dropped off the books and stopped by the small black market run by that nice little old lady. There were a bunch of things I wanted to get, but the prices are a put off and she only takes cash, of course. While I wanted a can of chili, a box of Captain Crunch, stuff to make tacos with, French Onion dip, etc., I only bought deoderant, which was 6,000 won, about $6.00, and a nice jar of Heinz Dill Pickles for a pricey 6,800 won, about $6.80. That's almost $13.00 for a stick of deoderant and a jar of pickles, but I was happy. It's next to impossible to find non-sweet pickles in Korea, though I heard you can get them at the Costco chain, but I live nowhere near one. And, finally I won't smell bad anymore when I sweat - I hope.

I'm saving up anyway for a trip to the Hannam Mart everyone keeps telling me about. I guess it's right in Itaeweon, but I had no time to try and find it today. I heard you can get real cheese, salami and pepporoni there. I'm guessing since the place is legit everything is even more expensive then the little old lady's shop because of taxes, but dammit! she ain't got no salami! She's got a surprising amount of goods, though including a variety of skin care products and medicines. Something for every foreigner, I guess.


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