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4 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - A B C D Class

A lot of my kids were absent that day, but here are pictures from April's "birthday party" last Thursday. As you know, my birthday was in April, so that's why I'm wearing that hat, in case you were wondering.

This is my A class. Half of them weren't there that day, good thing. They're mostly new students, with a few exceptions, and together they drive me crazy most days. Ally can't control them either and she's Korean. However, they're not the worst kids I've every taught, certainly better than a lot of the kids I used to teach in hagwons. I love that little girl with glasses and wearing a pink shirt. She's so smart, polite and cute. She's the teacher's pet.

I used to like this B Class but nowadays new kids have been thrown in and all the levels are mixed up. Some kids are much too smart, so they're bored and cause trouble. Two of them get into a fight every day. Ugh. As usual, all the girls are perfect angels - I kid you not. It's amazing.

This is C-class, my best kids. Notice the proud expression on my face. They're pretty much what you'd call honor students back home. It's amazing how fast they learn and how much they remember. Perfect students.

D-Class. As you can probably tell, there are all different age groups, from 8 years old to 12. There's the Fan Club-5 at the bottom. A bunch of cute girls. My favorite, Sarah, who's drawing is pictured on the homepage here, is, well, my favorite (note to self: reword sentences so they sound better than this!). She's sitting on the far left flashing the obligatory V sign. They are very cute, the lot of them, but sometimes they drive me batty with their constant need for attention. They swarm my desk and follow me around chattering and giggling non-stop before and after class.


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