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8 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - 4 Days of Nothing

Spent the last four days doing pretty much nothing. We were going to rent a car and go camping again, but the weather was rainy and then it was cold. So, we basically hung around and just relaxed.

John came out again for a day. His IBM notebook crashed and then he messed it up doing something with Partition Magic. He has no CD-drive so he came out to use mine (I bought an external DVD burner a ways back) and my XP disk. We were going to meet him in Itaewon and then go to Yongsan together to shop for a camera, but Julie made me clean the apartment with her for John's arrival as it was a mess. That took us longer than we expected. Meanwhile John had already made his way to Itaewon. So, instead of waiting another hour for us to get out there, he went to Hannam market for us and picked up some Hungarian salami, cheese and German dill pickles. Nice! So we cancelled on Yongsan and waited for him instead. "Hurry up with that salami, man!"

I just downloaded Forza for the Xbox, a new racing game. After John fixed his computer we ended up playing that most of the night. Fun stuff. Julie hung out upstairs using the wireless connection to browse the net and she also watched a movie, The Day After Tomorrow. Playing the Xbox causes you to lose track of time. Before we knew it, it was 4:30 in the morning and we were hungry. We headed out to see what we could find. Sure enough, a fried chicken restaurant was still open - several groups of people eating. Only in Korea can you sit outside at 5:00 AM, drink a beer and eat piping hot fried chicken.

So we didn't get to sleep until around 5:30. At about 8:00 AM, poor John woke up to the sound of throngs of screaming girls outside the school down below our place. I heard it too, but it wasn't so bad upstairs. I fell back alseep. John tossed and turned before finally getting so pissed off he got up and left for home, leaving behind a note:

Sorry, Bro. Couldn't stand another second or 200 screaming middle school girls. Went to get some shut eye.

I'm not sure what the event was, something to do with church, I think, but it was pretty damn annoying, especially downstairs for John. He has no luck sleeping here. Plus he has a blind date set up for 10:00 AM, which I guess he was forced to postpone until later. I hope that goes OK for him. He hasn't had a date in months. He basically sits around his dark, empty apartment in Gangnam using the computer. He has no TV, even.

Well, as you can tell it wasn't too exciting a break, but still better than working.
I never did get out to Yongsan. I thought I might buy something at the Sony electronics shop down the road. When we went to check it out today, a 1,000 won shop was moving in. I'm no detective, but it seems the Sony shop went under.


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