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18 April 2005
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KLB - Yay Monday

After a nice weekend, I went to work in positive spirits today and it was a decisively better day than Friday. I like Mondays because I make new seating charts and therefore the kids, insecure about their new group mates, are usually quiet and attentive - until later in the week when they get comfortable and start chattering. Then Friday is always my worst day. Still, the kids are mostly good and you can't blame them for being sick of studying come Friday when they study day and night all week and even on Saturday.

Perhaps Ally was just putting on a show for Cathy last time because today she was very laid back and casual. The first impression I had of her eroded with each class. She basically sat at her desk and did some paper work, always smiling and helping out only when I asked. For example, whan I asked her to translate a few words, she simply did so. Cathy would have had a panic attack. "Shawn! We can't speak Korean!" I could almost hear her saying.

In fact, much to my surprise, Ally didn't interrupt my classes or say a word about planning. She even used the computer room to make a packet for phonics! I was shocked. Nice job! It also impressed me that at exactly 5:00 she declared herself finished and went home. I like that. Cathy never left before at least 5:30 or 6:00, unless she had a meeting downtown, and then she worked at home all night on various work-related paperwork. I never understood that and it bothered me how hard she worked for no real reason other than martydom, it seemed to me. I'm hoping that Ally will be less serious and more efficient as she appeared today.

Also on a postive note, as I was signing out in the main office the secretary, for the first time, struck up a short conversation with me. It was a bit awkward, but I pulled it off and made her chuckle with my goofy sounding Korean. Perhaps because the vice principal wasn't looming at his desk for once, everyone in the office seemed more relaxed, actually. I bet he's the cause of all the tension day to day.

Well, Julie just called. She's on her way home and is hungry. I just put on some rice and now I have to get the side dishes ready. Ajuma-Shawn's work is never done, phew. I bet you feel sorry for me. Well, it's not like I made the side-dishes. I bought them. Wait, actually Julie bought them. All I have to do is open the tupperware lids. As for the rice, just pop open the bap sot, dump in the cleaned rice and add water, close the lid, push a button and poof, 10 minutes later the rice is ready. Eating Korean style is fast and easy.

After a lot of encouragement on my part, Julie is finally joining the health club with me tonight - or so she says. She was supposed to joing Saturday, then yesterday it didn't work out. Now she sounds tired. We'll see.


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