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19 April 2005
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One of our favorite programs on TV is The Protectors on Discovery's Animal Channel. (I guess it's called Animal Precinct in America.) This show documents the animal police in New York city who rescue mistreated animals and, whenever possible, arrest the responsible culprits. Tonight's episode featured two dogs that were left in cages with no food or water in an apartment and abandoned. They were practically dog skeletons when the animal police arrived. Another day or two and the dogs would have died. It was sickening. Fortunately, the ASPCA was able to nurish the dogs back to health and after a few months they were like new dogs, full of energy, licking everybody and wagging their tails. The show is very touching. In the words of Helen Keller: Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

Anyway, after seeing the show so many times, I felt compelled to make a donation to the ASPCA and did so at their website. Click here. You can sign up to donate monthly or give a one time gift. You can also apply for the Chase ASPCA credit card (what a caring bank - just don't make a late payment) which you can read more about on the site.

As for Korea, there is also an organization devoted to the prevention of animal cruelty and they accept donations too, of course. However, the site looks sorely outdated. In fact they even have on there the last update was made in 2002. Perhaps my readers have more information or links to other related organizations in Korea.


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