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15 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Seoul Magazine Interview

I forgot to follow up about the interview/photo shoot with Seoul Magazine. You can get a brief feel of what it was like here at James' site. It wasn't a lot of fun due mostly to the whipping cold, but not too bad and we all walked away with box sets of 7 Korean DVDs (photo should go here if I had a camera). A really nice set, actually.

You will see, depending on what they publish, the difference between first and third place bloggers. For example, Question 1:

"Are you a kind of celebrity in the cyber world among expatriates in Seoul?"


Not a chance. [struggles desperately to recall some recognition, then:]
I occasionally meet people in bars around town who've seen this site- the conversation normally goes like this-

Bloke:"Aren't you that guy?"
Me: "It wasn't me, I was at home playing cards the entire time, you can ask anyone"
Bloke: "'Getting Lost in Seoul.com' or something right?"
Me: "Oh the website, yeah that's me- do you read it?"
Bloke: "Not really, I just look at the photos."
Me: "Oh right, so do you like..."
Bloke: "Is that Sam girl here?"
Me: *sigh*


"Well, it's not as bad as it was a few years ago, but I still can't walk down the street without someone shouting, 'Holy Jesus! There's that Korea Life Blog guy!' Same in Japan."


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