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16 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - New Class

Well, I got my new class today. It has 12 students in it. There's something about starting a new class with new kids that is inspiring. You can totally take charge and lay the groundwork for a smoothe class. I set the tone today by introducing classroom language: stand up, sit down, raise your hand, stop and listen, take out your pencil, etc. They went from running all about the room at the beginning of class to being virtual puppets of mine by the end. We finished with a fun game of Simon Says. Tomorrow I will start phonics. The rest of the new kids have been dispursed throughout the other levels. It was actually a very good day, despite having no books. I think I can manage until the end of the week anyway. Maybe I'm just in a good mood, but it dawned on me after school that I just made $110 teaching from 1-4:50 with three ten minute breaks. When you think of all the people working their fingers to the bones for a few dollars a day, I have to consider myself a lucky person. Sometimes I lose site of that and bitch and moan about the BS, but deep down I do know I'm fortunate.

Cathy, on the other hand...once again she informed me today that she slept just two hours last night. I asked why - a big mistake.

"I was at the office until 2:00 AM."

"What? Why?" [don't ask questions Shawn]

"First I had meeting. Then I had to call the parents, then do the paper work and organize and..."

I've stopped feeling any pity for her, not that I felt much to begin with. I still think she enjoys being a martyr and that she could stand up for herself if she wanted. After living with Julie so long, this "I have to do like this - I'm Korean" crap doesn't cut it with me. Learn how to be confident - or at least efficient. Why does she work 12 hours/day for a job that pays her for 3? That doesn't call for pity, admiration or respect. It's just stupid. I mean come on, she has more education than I do. She's just a few classes away from her MA degree in English Education. Assuredly she could do better. Then again, I guess she will be doing better once she gets the degree. No. I know her - she will always suffer at work no matter what job it is.

Tonight I stopped off at the grocery store downstairs in Hyundai Department Store. I wish I had my camera so I could snap some pics of the delicious meal I picked up for Julie and I: some fusion noodles and rice dish and 2 giant stuffed mandu dumplings. She should be pleasantly surprised when she comes through the door in a few minutes.

In other news, I finally beat Ninja Gaiden the other night and plan on taking a break from the Xbox - maybe. I don't have much to do these days actually. I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I joined a health club. I worked out for less than two weeks, busting my butt, and then they closed down without warning for remodelling. They have been closed for nearly three weeks. So nice of them to have told me that when I signed up. And it's not because they can't speak English either - Julie was with me. Anyway, they will finally be reopening on Monday and I'm pretty sure my three month membership will renew at that time. It makes me mad though because I could have had a month under my belt by now. Now it's like starting for the first time again.

Well, Julie is just about here so I'm going to get things ready for dinner. See you soon.


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