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27 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Don't Fight

Another reason not to fight with Koreans:

Parents cut off from son in jail

No mention of the Korean party involved, but I'm assuming they went home that night scot free. After all, I'm sure it was all the foreigner's fault. He probably jumped the poor unsuspecting Koreans as they were innocently eating a bowl of noodles.

To put it simple, if you're in situation here that could lead to a fight, especially with a Korean, do yourself a favor and swallow your pride - avoid the fight if at all possible. It's not worth it.

My guess is this guy is fine and will be back with Mom and Dad soon. From what I've learned - I had a friend who went to jail briefly for another reason and gave me insider information - the usual sentence for fighting a Korean, not another foreigner (apparently that's OK), is 30 days and deportation. You get no access to any of your belongings - so goodbye computer and whatever else you've accumulated. You share a small cell with a number of Koreans and are allowed only a 7 minute visit once a week.

The worst part is that you have no access to the money you've saved here (can you imagine?) and have to file a petition to get it after deportation. In other words, good luck ever seeing that money again basically. Finally, you're not allowed back in Korea for 5 years - not that you'd want to come back after such an ordeal, I'm sure. Oh, and about lawyers. You can get one, but somebody has to pay the piper on your behalf. My friend's lawyer cost his parents $5,000 (and he had to pay them back). They can't change the sentencing and are pretty useless, he said. A total waste of money and a total nightmare.

Julie just pointed out how ironic the timing of this post is. "Where's your 'I love Korea blah blah, now?'" she said, waving her arms in the air. At least she's talking to me again. I bought her some coffee-milk (her favorite) and a package of facial masks.


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