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9 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Sunday

I sold the camera last night as advertised to Willie G. Me John and Julie met him at Yongsan Station and we had dinner together. Yongsan Station is really nice. I should have taken some pics of it before selling the camera. There are a lot of unique foreign style restaurants there including Vietnamese and Thai.

Anyway, by the time we ate, the electronics stores were closed, so I didn't have a chance to shop - but it doesn't matter. The notebook computer I'm going to buy later today is available at the computer shop across the street from our building and also at Walmart. Same with the camera I've been looking at. We thought they both would be cheaper at Yongsan, but we checked there before and suprisingly the computer is the same and the camera is actually more expensive even with Julie's relentless pleads for a discount at several shops. So, we may as well buy them nearby in case we have a problem...

Well, we're off to the CGV theater in Hyundai Department store to see National Treasure. I should be online later tonight with at least the new laptop. See you then.


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