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17 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Sleepy

Just stopping in to say goodnight. Tomorrow's a new day. I'm looking forward to waking up early (what the hell is happening to me?) and greeting the day, listening to Japanese lessons on the way to work, eating breakfast in Singil Station, etc. I actually enjoy the long commute these days. My first class is full of the cutest little kids. Then I get to eat a nice healthy lunch at a small Korean restaurant nearby while reading the paper. Then it's my favorite class, Class B, full of the cute, energetic little girls who love English (because of me, I'm sure). After that, one more class with the older kids who can understand quite a bit more and therefore are a little more interesting. For example, today we had a conversation about wants vs. needs (they got it backwards - they said they NEED a Playstation 2 and that they only WANT food and shelter). Then it will be back home on the train and more Japanese (been reviewing the past 30 lessons before moving on to lesson 61). Back home, I'll eat a decent little dinner, relax, watch CNN then workout for a while (tomorrow is arm curls). After that it's the computer until Julie gets home.


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