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18 January 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Boring Day Boring Post

Just an average day in Korea. The kids were fun, though a bit noisy today due to the snow falling out the window, but not too bad. One of the little girls' mothers brought me and Cathy a couple of nice sandwhiches from the bakery (they don't have delis in Korea). Another girl's mother wrote us a letter in Korean about how much her daughter enjoys the class. That was cute.

Three of the older boys in class C were kind of annoying today. Again, I think the snow was to blame for the extra excitement. I kept them after school and after a sound scolding (man, I'm old) I made them clean the classroom, sharpen pencils, erase the board, etc. That's a typical punishment in Korea. Tomorrow they should be back to normal.

Back home, I picked up the cables to connect the computer to the TV. To try it out, I watched Farenheit 9-11, which I downloaded off P-P. Amazing quality. Even the surround sound works perfectly. Then I watched the only other thing I have on the computer (until I download more movies) some old episodes of the Smurfs. The quality of those is pretty poor. I'm going to order the first two DVDs (yes, they've already released another one) from Australia tonight, actually. I can't wait any longer. I need to see the Smurfs and I need to see them in style.

[Update]: I just finished talking to my mother. She's a master of making me feel ashamed of myself. Apparently my sister is having a hard time finacially (she's a single mother now with 2 kids - 1 being a baby), and asked me to help her out because she, my sister, is too proud to ask. I would feel stupid ordering Smurf DVDs after hearing that, so I'm sending my sister a few hundred bucks instead and also ordering her a surprise digital camera. This may sound generous, but it's a selfish gift. I'm dying to instantly see pics of the kids.

Julie's about to get home. She just called and said she's starving so I'll order a Dominoes Pizza as a surprise. She loves that pizza! I'm too full from those sandwhiches the student's mother gave me, but maybe I'll eat a piece too. Anyway, see you tomorrow.


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