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16 December 2004
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KLB - Special Edition Update

I've sold out of copies of the special printed edition of KLB, and the printer won't sell them at reasonable discount unless I buy another 100. With Christmas around the corner, I can't afford to spend that much for now.

You can still pick it up off of Lulu.com in America (they do have international shipping, but it's not cheap) for the Holiday price of just $14.95. Also, if you spend $25 on their site before Christmas, you'll get free shipping in the states.

P.S. I got in another 100 copies of Island of Fantasy this week, just in time for the holidays. The price before Christmas is only $7.96 by credit card (enter code IOF20) or 8,000 won by bank machine. Click here for more details including a sample, reader comments and reviews.


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