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20 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Another Week Begins

Since I've gone back to working out, I've had too much energy. I was operating on 6 hours of sleep yesterday and then went to bed at 3:00 in the morning only to lay there, not tired, until 5:00. Then I bounced out of bed at 10:30 and I haven't felt tired all day. Perhaps the combination of not smoking or drinking (I haven't gone out in ages, actually), exercising and eating a lot of protein and vegetables is doing the trick. Lately I just feel fantastic.

It was a pretty good day at school. It usually goes well on Mondays and Wednesdays when I can just teach the books. English Time is actually a very good series. It has a lot of decent vocabularly, songs and a workbook that keeps the kids busy without me having to explain much. This is a big plus when you're not allowed to speak Korean.

Cathy didn't even annoy me, except for when I showed up early. The door was locked and I went down to the office to get the key. Cathy, key in hand, was on her way up the stairs and, when she saw me, she gasped and apologized then burst into a sprint down the hallway to open the door. Thanks Cathty, now I can get into the room 15.6 seconds quicker than if you just walked. Phew!

I'm going to watch more movies tonight with the new surround-sound system. We can't believe what an improvement it makes with this setup. We put two of the speakers behind our heads to get, as I keep telling Julie, "The total surround sound experience!"

That Stallone movie, Lock Up, which we watched last night made us laugh. It seems like more of a comedy than an action movie. Still, it has a few plusses, one being the music track which sounds great and a few decent scenes that make it worth the price of admission (3,000 won!).

I'm just checking online for user reviews of this movie and am startled to see such a kind rating on Yahoo! Movies.

Running Man, on the other hand...I can't believe that was once a famous movie.

Well, Julie wants to use the computer and check on her Korea Shop. She's had quite a few orders already, thanks to my readers, I assume, and is already adding new teas and picking out different Korean items to add. All of these teas are really good, by the way (I made sure she picked kinds westerners would like) and I'm sure you will enjoy the taste. Make yourself a little cup while you read through the KLB archives. Thanks again everyone!

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