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25 November 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Special Edition

I wanted to hold off on doing this until closer to Christmas, but several things changed my mind:

1. Island of Fantasy will be live on Google within the next few days. Therefore, more people should come across the book while searching about Korea and be directed to the ordering page. It will be nice if people have a couple of options to choose from.

2. The Korea Times - and I'm biting my nails here - will be publishing a review of the book very soon (had a request for an image of the book by the reviewer today). Hopefully this will spark some more interest in the site/book.

3. The holiday season is approaching and shipping times may start to slow down. Perhaps I'm out of my mind, but a couple of people may want to order the book as a Christmas gift.

4. I'm really excited about this edition and I have no patience. When I received the first copy a few weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the quality of the printing.

So here it is: Korea Life Blog - Special Edition. It's over 300 pages and contains the complete Island of Fantasy (which will still be available separately) and over 100 pages of material from the blog, reader comments and bonus material.


It's a little more expensive than I hoped it would be, but it's big and I elected to have the photos printed in color. However, there is a cheaper black and white edition available at my store on the Lulu.com site in America. I also lowered the price there for Island of Fantasy (cutting my commission to next-to-zilch) for the holidays.

I'm hope you enjoy the book and thank you as always for your support.


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