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24 November 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Open-House

Well, I dreaded it, but it turned out a great success. I made it to work 30 minutes early and I didn't wear a gym suit, though ironically the principal, a woman, was wearing Puma-like jogging attire and her hair was wet and tightly curled as if she just got a perm. She only stayed in the room for the first few minutes of class, too. The vice principal never showed up. Only about 6-10 parents came for each class, and most of them came late. With only one exception (Adam!) the kids were just perfect. I basically taught like I usually do, played a few games, sang songs, a few minutes of writing, and in the end the parents, "Bonnie" and Cathy were all very happy. I was also happy when it was over, knowing I had the following day (today) off.

I woke up with Julie around 9:30 and have been just hanging around and chatting to James, who is obviously working very hard at the airport as usual. Made a quick run to the post office - didn't see the kitten - but I did see a few empty tuna cans. Looks like the cat is getting pretty popular.


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