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14 October 2004
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Can someone explain this to me? Julie and I are about equal at pool (we're both terrible, or at least less than so-so.) We like to play just to have fun. Usually we bet something like ice-cream at Baskin Robins. Tonight we bet a 20 minute massage. Whoever won 2 out of 3 games would get the massage. I won the first two games pretty quickly. Since we had more time, Julie upped the ante. She said, "If you win, you get a 40 minute massage, if I win, cancel the 20 you won, and I get a 20 minute massage." I agreed.

The last two games were very close. Julie won the first one with some good shots. Then, during the second game, while munching on free dried squid, it came down to the very last shot. Chewing a squid tentacle, I sunk the 8-ball and I won the hour long massage!

Now, I was pretty happy. Hey, fair is fair. But Julie started to blame me and give me a guilt trip saying I was supposed to let her win because we were so close and that I'm a terrible boyfriend. However, if she won, I'm sure she would have been jumping all over and waiting in anticipation for the reward. WTF?

Anyway, I'm about to log off again and collect on my prize. She's a sore loser, but she's got to accept the outcome. :D


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