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18 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - They Killed and Ate Their Boss's Dog

Here's a scary and bizarre story from Friday's Korea Times:

Dog Meat Lovers Face 80-Million-Won Lawsuit

*80 million won is about 70,000 US dollars.

As a meat eater it's hard for me to say with any credibility that eating dog is wrong. I disagree with the inhumane treatment of any animal, but simple saying that is easy. Though I have stopped eating fast food for the time being (after reading Fast Food Nation), I blindly and zealously devour Kalbi, Sam Gyeop Sal and other meats without really considering how the meat ended up on my plate. Without doing anything to stop cruelty to animals, and by continuing to eat all sorts of meat, I'm just part of the problem, I know.

However, I can say with a clear conscience that it's wrong to steal a person's pet and eat it. That's just sick. Since the police don't care, I hope the bastards who did this are forced to pay up in court.

A Chindo dog

For anyone who may be interested in learning more about the tradition (and it's not only Korea, of course) of eating dogs and the inherent cruelty that goes with it, click here.(don't click here if you want to avoid seeing animal cruelty.)

It's important that I point out that Korea is making advancements toward the better treatment of animals, though there is still a long way to go for those involved in the crusade. Here is just one website devoted to the cause: Korean Society for the Protection of Animals


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