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18 September 2004
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Korea Life Blog - New Search Engine: A9.com

After reading this article in PC World, I tested out this new search site by Amazon.com:


Though it's still "enhanced" by Google, it's got a lot of unique features that I like. If you click on "site info" under the links you can see a bunch of stats and, in the tradition of Amazon's user interface, see what other pages people who click on those links visit. You can also see the "traffic rating" for a site (the lower the number the better). For example, my site has a ranking of 348, and Swiss James' Lost Seouls has a ranking of 5,402,786. I'm not making this up.

Nice! I wonder if Google will add some similar features too.

The only thing I don't like about A9.com is that it displays "sponsered links" on top of search results. I like how Google does away with that and puts the advertising way off to the right.


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