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26 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Prostitution Crackdown

The government is clamping down once again on prositution. They changed the laws and will no longer prosecute the prositutes themselves, as many of the girls have been forced into the business and have no escape. They had risked being arrested before if they tried to go to the police for help. Now only the brothel operators and the clients will be prosecuted. Hopefully this will enable some of those women who are victims to get out.

I really don't understand prostitution in Korea anyway. It's technically illegal, yet it exists everywhere here in every shape and form and usually the businesses are blatantly obvious about the services they provide. But when they do a crack down on it, you end up with protests such as these. As if the owners of these shady places didn't know what they were doing is illegal. They made the decision to open that kind of business. How can they protest and expect to find any sympathy? I guess they are thinking that the government usually looks the other way, vaguely implying permission, perhaps the police take some bribe money in return, and now suddenly it isn't OK...again. I know I don't feel sorry for these unscrupulous brothel owners.


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