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4 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Welcome German Readers!

I checked my stats for the first time in a while (I kind of gave up on them when everybody was viewing my site through a proxy)...and I was was surprised to see this:

Page views today: 2075 (and counting)
This hour: 41
This week: 3934
This month: 3934

This week and this month refer to Aug 1-4.

I checked my referrer log and 430 page views came from this site:


I used Babel Fish for a quick translation and here's what it came up with:

A very interesting LifeBlog over the life in Korea in all its facets. Particularly to consider the many leckeren pictures are to the meal. It has an odyssey behind itself, which floated into into rather all corners of the country, even after, as it designates it, "nowhere dong" ... * g * it does not save also at justified criticism at the predatory exploitation in the country.

Thank you Beep World and welcome new readers to my site about living and teaching in Korea.


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