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26 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Steak and a DVD Player

Yesterday was a really nice day. I sold several copies of my book, received a donation, got a bunch of nice e-mails, and several astounding comments about how I inspired people to come teach in Korea. I must say, I am really thankful for all the feedback I get. Thanks everyone.

Then Julie and I decided to have a nice dinner. I haven't had a steak in over a year so we decided on TGIF down the street. Most of these pics speak for themselves and need little commentary. Here's what I got:

This is the "Surf n' Turf." The steak is a NYS (my home state) strip. I thought "turf" usually means lobster, but these shrimp were pretty damn good. The whole meal was great, but then again I was starving and haven't had a meal like this in so long. I never go to these chains in America because I dislike the homegenization of restaurants and try to support local diners and small places. Not to mention the food is overpriced. This meal wasn't too bad. 32,000 won (like 26$) which included soup, salad, bread, and cola. The only thing that was disappointing was the potato itself. Tasted pre-processed.

Julie got the London Broil set for around 28,000. She loved it.

Nice shot here of the salad. No fruit! Excellent blue cheese dressing.

Broccoli and cheese soup. Small but good.

Mostly everything including the restaurant is identical to back home. But here's something you won't see there...kimchi and sweet pickles.

A not-so-great photo of the menu, but you get the idea...

Another menu shot. This is what you see when you sit at the table.

Julie snuck this picture of me. I was so hungry and everything looked great.

Here's Julie avoiding the camera as usual. She looks thrilled that I have to document everything we do together. Well...almost everything.

I swear I look like a different dumbass in every photo. Are you one of those people too? This does not look like me. Or...does it?...scary! Julie cut my hair, by the way. Not bad for free. I'm terrified of Korean shops ever since the last time I walked out almost bald. And you know with my forehead that's not pretty.

The meal ended up around 50,000 won ($45) total, no tipping :D We saved 20% with Julie's KTF phone benefits. The places was jammed pack and it was only a Wednesday. It won't be long before Koreans are as fat as us Americans. I ate a ton of butter, cheese, sour cream, etc.

Later we stopped at Walmart. I can't believe I'm plugging Walmart and TGIF. However, this was a pretty sweet deal for 89,000 won (About $85).

Korean electronics come with batteries and cables. I forgot if they do back in the states. I just remember buying something and cursing because I need to go back out for a cable or whatever, but I can't remember what it was....(getting old).

Here we are, the greatest movie ever made. Rocky 1. The only Rocky movie in my opinion. I can watch this once a week and I never tire of it and usually I have wet eyes at the end every time. What a symbolic story of personal triumph.

Here's our set up so far. I almost laughed when Julie got our satellite TV installation bill: 2,500 won (less than 2 bucks!). We get buckets of channels for about 15 dollars/month. When nothing's on, usually on the weekends or late at night, we can watch Rocky, Sanford and Son, Slingblade, Cast Away, and other favorites I have now. Somehow, I'm not sure Julie will like Sanford and Son.


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