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27 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Ads Every Day Ads!

No matter how many advertisement ads I take off my door, there's always two or three more by the end of the day, and usually from the same places. We must have hundreds of these already, though I usually throw them out. I used to throw all of them away before I moved in with Julie. Now we keep some and order once a pizza one a month if that. It's really annoying and shouldn't this be illegal? The worst is when they put an actual sticker on your door that you can't get off without a lot of effort. If I were Korean I'd call up and raise a fit, but I rarely see anyone complain...I guess it's just part of life here.

Here's what's on my door just hours after I threw several away. How many damn restaurants can there be around here? Competition is cut throat.

Look at this ad for fried chicken. They're even advertising draft beer delivery...actually, wait. That's pretty cool...maybe I'll keep this one.

Not only this, but at least twice a week somebody bangs on my door trying to sell a fan. Now I keep my door open most of the time and the fan is in clear view, but still they run up and down ringing the door bells and banging, including mine. Sometimes it's early and I'm asleep. So I'll go to the door in nothing but boxer shorts and my hair's standing up and I'll start speaking English really fast. They usually say "Ashii," (in English that means something like, "ahh, damn"...) and head to the next door. Sometimes they continue the sale in Korean.


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