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19 August 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Sex and the City

When Julie used to come over in Nowhere-dong and watch this show I couldn't stand it. "Huk!" I would say. (Huk! being a manly version of chi!) "Who the hell watches this crap?" Just as I couldn't stand lying on the floor. "Huk! Who the hell lays on the floor!"

Now every Tuesday and Wednesday we lay on the floor and watch Sex and the City back to back. What's come over me? The floor is comfortable and I find myself sad Carry and Aidon didn't get married and that Big has now moved to California, leaving behind a couple of airplane tickets in case Carry gets lonely. And Miranda just had a baby, Samantha caught her lover cheating and that nutcase Charlotte is, well, annoying and plain off her rocker. It's the end of Season 4. Season 5 next week.

A shot of Sex in the City with Korean subtitles. In this scene Carry gets a rash after trying on a wedding dress for fun. I like how they tell you what season a show is in here (see upper right corner of the screen). They do that with most re-runs like ER and Ally McBeal (no, I don't watch those shows...huk!).


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