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16 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Monday's Dinner

Let's see what Julie is up to in the kitchen. All I know is that it smells pretty damn good and I'm one lucky guy tonight.

Mmm... it's dwen jang chigae traditional style (made from homemade aged dwen jang paste that her mother gave her yesterday). Notice we use a little portable gas range instead of that awful modern electric glass heat stove. We picked it up at Walmart for $9 and it works much better and it's also cheaper.

Here she is hard at work. I feel bad but she knows how to cook much better than I do. I can help out by snapping photographs in the background.

She's also made this nice kam ja bokum (fried potato) side dish. It's also one of my favorites. What a wonderful meal. Too bad she forgot to make the rice until everything else was already done. "Oh shit!" Oh well...can't remember everything.

This is my favorite drink in Korea. Su Jung Gwa. Sometimes they serve it in restaurants after your meal as "service" (free) for "dessert." I don't know how to describe it other than it tastes like cinnamon. I never realized I could just buy it in a can until recently. Tasted good after today's meal.

Now Julie's hard at work designing her secret new blog. She'll kill me if I give out the address just yet. Don't worry, it's not pink anymore.


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