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28 July 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Greatest Warrior

I'm up early (10:30) and I'm off for an interview with the public schools. The job will be 1-6PM, 4 classes/day as an assistant to a Korean teacher. The position is part of the new government program to employ a foreigner at every school in Seoul. The pay is really good considering the short hours and includes the visa trip and a housing allowance. I should get it as they have a lot of openings and they want teachers who are in the country now with experience and degrees in English Education or ESL certificates. It's about time I do something a little more respectable than working in a kiddie hagwon. I just hope I can still use my bag of word search puzzles...

Sky Life is coming today. They just installed Satellite TV for the entire building and should stop here this afternoon to hook ours up. The deal is 150 channels for just 19,000 won/month ($16) as a package for the building.

So Julie and I went out and got this Samsung 29" flatscreen TV at Walmart last night. Not a bad deal for 350,000 won ($315). The problem was they wouldn't deliver it for a few days. Julie can't go another day without TV so we brought it home using a Walmart cart. It was pretty difficult and, well, embarrassing. The security guard in our building got a kick out of us bringing the cart and huge TV into the building and onto the elevator.

It's a beautiful day outside my window. Wow, is that what the sky looks like? I'm so used to hazy polluted looking weather. It should be a nice trip across the city. See you when I get back from the interview.


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