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27 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Giant King Crabs

There's a restaurant next to our place that serves lobster and GIANT King crabs. We haven't had the nerve to eat there...not so much because of the scary looking crabs, but because of the scary looking prices. 100 grams = 6,000 won (about $6). Sounds cheap when they break the weight down that way. However, looking at the size of the crabs, that could work out to be a fortune. They must weigh 20 times that.

Julie has a look. Like me, she can't believe how big some of them are.

The alien crab lurks in the tank awaiting his fate - to be dropped in a vat of boiling water. Notice they don't clamp the claws shut. A couple of times I got freaked out when this big one started reaching over the edge of the tank. Also, the ajushi in the picture above started petting it. Smart!

Julie put her hand up for perspective. As you can see, Julie has a small hand. That was a poor attempt at humor. The Crab is just huge!


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