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15 June 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Yeogwan

I thought I'd stop off quickly to check my e-mail and post a few shots of the yeogwan I'm staying in for the next month. It's really not a bad deal at 350,000 won (about $275) for a month. It's small but has an ice cold Samsung air conditioner and new TV/VCR. There is a downside though. Because they built the motels on this street so close together, there is no view and actually no sunlight. The window opens to the concrete of the next building. I feel like I'm living in a cave, or some kind of weird time warp. The first time I realized it was Saturday. I called James to see what he was up to. I thought it was dark and rainy outside. He told me it was a beautiful sunny day. Today I woke up at noon but I thought it was 3 or 4 in the morning.

Here's Julie hanging out and watching an extremely old episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. I never could figure out how the host of that show made the big time. What a stupid geek! Anyway, Julie has me hooked on some show called Cheaters. It's an American reality show, but I had never seen it before. Some guy helps people find out if they're being cheated on (they always are), then they confront the cheater in the act. My favorite one was when they caught this woman's husband in a hotel room being whipped by a black transvestite. Ah, what a great impression we must be making on the world with these shows.

A decent size bed. There's my guitar in the case over there to the right for quick access. Never know when I'll need to set things straight with a quick G-Am-C chord progression and apologetic verse.

The bathroom. Nothing special. No bathtub, but that's OK. I'm usually too tall to fit into any Korean bathtub anyway.

One last shot. You can see I have my weights there for my exercises. There's just about enough room to do pushups on the floor. Notice I have my own water cooler too. It's like my own personal office and Julie's my secretary. Speaking of that, did you see the movie, Secretary? Hmm...

If you notice, Julie's wearing a Levi's shirt. There's a stand right near the motel with a load of imitation t-shirs like that. We got 4 of them for 15,000 won ($12). I considered doing the old "freeze, FBI" gag while flashing my wallet, but decided against it.


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