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16 June 2004
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Korea Life Blog - PC Bang Woes

I came to update my blog today and had a floppy disk with several pictures on it. For some reason the pics didn't save right and they won't transfer to the PC. I tried on several computers. I'd better invest in a CD-RW disk if I can find a place around here to get one. I noticed before that at the PC bangs the floppy drives are often broken. The CD drives always work though, thanks to Star Craft and company.

I guess I'll have to save that update for tomorrow. I should start doing something with my time off, though. Part of me wants to travel but part of me wants to sit around and do absolutely nothing. What a great feeling that is, though I learned when I broke my arm that lounging around day in and day out can make it very hard to get motivated again. I guess I should also look for a job, hurray. Looking for a job is overwhelming here because there are just too many choices and almost every one seems dubious in one way or another.

Up until the end of it, I had a pretty decent job for the last year and am hoping to find something like that again. A good schedule, small class sizes, etc. Having now 6 years of teaching experiences between here and America, and having a BA in English Education you'd think I could find something decent but it's not easy. Hagwons are all kind of hit or miss. If anyone knows of an exceptionally good one please send me an e-mail with a description. Maybe I should just apply to another University. Hell, I got hired at Jang An Univeristy after just a ten minute interview. I kind of wonder what my life would be like had I taken that. It just didn't feel right at the time. Oh well, I don't really regret that. Maybe I should just start a taco stand and hang out in Hongdae. Or get the Geoje-do book translated and sell it to ajummas on the train. Or use the guitar to make a hit song about deokboki. Oh the endless possibilites.

For now I guess I'll head back to the cave-won, I mean yeogwan, and watch Seabiscuit. Julie and I spent about an hour trying to decide what movie to rent last night, then we got that and didn't have chance to see it. Instead we watched Cheaters again and then she made me endure 2 episodes of Sex and the City (Season 5 - what an awful torture). The best part about watching TV here is the commercial ratio. I hate to rub it in to anyone living in the states, but here these shows come without them here, or a very short break once during the show. Most of the commercials come before and after programming. Back in the states there's at least 3-4 minutes for every 10-15 minutes of showtime.

Well, I decided instead to go meet Julie again. She's going to regret finding me a place so close to her, hehe. If all goes well I will use her roommates scanner. If so, prepare for a funny update tomorrow.


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