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28 June 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Weekend Update

We ended up having a great time at the clubs on Club Day, Friday. We spent most of the night at Ohoo (Matmata and Hodge Podge). I didn't bring my camera, but James did. I'm not sure if he'll do yet another update with shots of us dancing and acting stupid or not. I don't even want to see my pictures. People kept putting drinks in my hand all night.

Julie and I left around 6AM. James and his friends stayed. I kind of wish I brought my camera to photograph the crowds of people outside in the early morning still going in and out of clubs and 24-hour restaurants, the drunk people stumbling to the subway stations, the vomit all over the streets, etc. It's quite a site. The first subway on a Saturday is very funny. You see all these sickly looking young people in club clothes mixed with unfortunate business-persons going to work and old people off to go hiking/fishing and enjoy the day. As for Julie and I, we slept until 4PM...

When we woke up, we went looking at a few apartments in the area but they were too small and far from the subway. We did however find an amazing little video shop. I'll get a shot of it next time I go. Though you'd never expect it from the outside, inside they have the largest collection of videos we've been able to find. That's because the shop has been there ten years and there's no big rental franchises in Korea to knock out them out, thankfully. In the states, places like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster would come in like Walmart (by the way Walmart, the evil empire, has quite a few shopping centers in Korea but they don't compete nearly as well here) in a town, charge a little lower than the competition, knock all the little guys out, then after practically monopolizing the area, raise all the prices and late fees, etc...

Here in Korea, a new video release, American or Korean (Korean films on DVD have English subtitles) will set you back 1,000 - 1,500 won (aprox. 80 cents - $1.20). An older release is half price. We were lazy and in the mood to watch older movies. Within a minute we picked out four and ended up watching three: Big Momma's House, Kindergarten Cop and Junior...classics. All four movies anyway were only 2,000 won (about $1.60) and due back in 3 days.

Last night we looked at a brand new office-tel apartment for only 375,000/ month around $325) in a brand new section of the city right next to a huge new Hyundai Department store - and a Walmart, great. It's a beautiful apartment, not even finished yet, 12th floor, with gigantic windows overlooking the city. Since the building is so new and they need people to move in, they were pretty flexible about the rent, hence the cheap price. I think the deal is if we pay the rent for a year up front, they'll wave the deposit too. The only problem for me was the building is a little far from the subway. They're planning to route a subway station there, but that does little good for me now. I'd have to take a bus and then the subway to work, unless I can get a job in the area...a possibility as there's a new English school on ever corner it seemed.

Later we ordered BBQ Fried Chicken and watched back to back episodes of Cheaters. We both agreed the show is getting pretty repepitive. But that's what happens when you can watch it 7 days a week without commercials. That's about it...hope you enjoyed this update. Have a nice day.


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