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26 June 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Korea Blogs Blocked in Korea

Though I can log into Blogger and update, Blogspot websites are currently inaccessible in Korea. According to this thread, Korea blogs using Blogger and other services such as Typepad have been blocked. Apparently someone posted on their blog the beheading footage of Kim Sun Il in Iraq. That's a shame and it shows very poor taste on the part of whoever posted the footage, but I don't see why my website has to be blocked too. I guess they can't seperate the blog ISPs, so when they block a Blogger blog, all Blogger blogs are then blocked. (at least that's a great sentence)

I hope this is temporary. For now I'll keep checking my website through unipeak for now, a wonderful proxy service that allows you to see blocked websites but with an advertising frame.

unipeak view of KLB


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