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23 May 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Weekend Update

Julie and I had a great weekend. We went to a broadcasting/recording equipment show at Coex which was just fantastic and which I have a lot of pictures of coming soon. Then I dragged poor Julie to Nakwon Sang Ka music center once again where I drove her crazy testing out equipment, having her haggle with the store clerks, pondering whether or not to shell out 120,000 won on a distortion peddle or just getting a more expensive all-in-one effect unit, then finally giving up and not getting anything. (For anyone interested: I have software on the computer which I can add effects to the guitar, but only after the recording, not real time. It's also not much fun jamming along to Iron Maiden with no distortion.)

That was Saturday. Today's adventure included climbing a lot of stairs to look at an old fortress, an encounter with aliens (pictures to come soon), beating Julie at wrestling at a Playstation bang, and a delicious sam gae tang(me) and bimim bap(Julie) dinner.


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