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27 May 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Namchi, the South Bastion and Aliens

While looking around for sam gae tang in Suwon we noticed people walking up into the distance. I talked Julie into having a look. Turns out it was this: Namchi, the South Bastion, an old fortress.

The firt person we noticed was this oddball standing there wearing a UFO poster. What's going on here? we wondered.

Oh my...what is that? Holy crap, it's a real alien! The aliens are really here. They've come to take over the Bastion!

And holy shit! They've spotted me taking their picture. Oh my God, run!!!!!!!!! What's this? Julie's not even scared? Oh, I see. Turns out these guys are from the Raelian religious group...you know, the one Julie donated money to before on the subway. Amyway, look closely at the two photos, you can see that alien has long black hair like a Korean girl wow.

Rather than capturing and taking me back to his spaceship, this guy explained to me they are having a big meeting somewhere this week. Julie really wanted to go, but I talked her out of it, hehe.

Looks more like a sci-fi movie poster than a call to religion. Anybody remember that show Mystery Science Theater 3000 in which the puppets and that guy watch really bad sci-fi flicks and make fun of them? I love that show. Maybe I'll download a few off the net for old times sake.

There's the photo of the Raelian cult leader himself. He may be a nice guy and make a lot of sense, but what's up with that hair?

Lot of framed displays set out. I guess the one on the left is a rendering of the Alien embassy needed to be built before the aliens will come...hence the need for donations. I think the picture to the right is depicting the aliens when they came and visted ancient humans. Why is it all the major religious happenings occured so long ago?

More "evidence"...I though all those crop circles were made by people swing kaiser blades around or something. (some folks call them a slingblade, mm hmm).

There goes the gang out into Suwon to spread the holy word of the Aliens. I can't imagine what an old ajumma or halmony would think seeing this.

OK, here we go. Julie is not at all pleased by the site of stairs. She hates stairs with a passion - so much so she'll walk way out of her way or wait for ages at a crosswalk to avoid them.

You can't tell but on the way up she started getting angry at me. "You're so selfish," she said. "I don't want to go up. What are we doing?"

"Oh my God...more stairs? What's going on? Don't do this to me."

At last we made it. Almost the second she saw there were no more stairs, she cheered right up and even allowed me to snap this picture of her and approved it for the web. Click for full size!

There really wasn't much to the place. Just a long wall (which reconfirmed for me the fact I have absolutely no interest in seeing the Great Wall of China) and this nice guard post, though not so impressive considering the amount of stair climbing required to see it.

Look closely, there's an actual guard on duty. Wow, I know I feel safe, how about you?

That's about it. Nothing too special but we did work up an appetite climbing all those stairs at least...


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